Get the latest updates on Conor's Journey

Get the latest updates on Conor's Journey


Coming this March is the first in a brand new series. It’s called Gods In The Ruins, the inaugural thriller in the Vatican Archives Series. I wanted to try out the thriller genre and I think I have succeeded in giving you an action filled mystery with supernatural overtones. It takes place in the Conorverse—that means the action occurs in the same world that Conor Archer occupies in The Tales of Conor Archer urban fantasy series. The heroes of both series haven’t met yet, but chances are they will—won’t that be cool!

So here’s the synopsis of the new novel:

An ancient tomb is discovered in the ruins of Babylon. The Pope sends Vatican archeologist Fr. Daniel Azar and his best friend, Swiss Guard Luca Rohner to Iraq to investigate the tomb’s warning of the end of the world and the terrible beast that will usher in the coming apocalypse. From the start of their journey, the two find their lives threatened by unknown assassins.

Meanwhile in Washington, D. C., the Director of the CIA, also aware of the momentous find sends her own team to Iraq to find out whether the United States is in danger because of the discovery.

In a race to uncover the truth, the Vatican and the CIA join forces to fight a resurgent ISIS Caliphate and an enemy out of myth and legend. Whoever wins will have the power to bring the world to destruction or prevent the extinction of the human race.

Look forward to an exciting new novel.  I’ll keep you posted on publication.

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