Get the latest updates on Conor's Journey

Get the latest updates on Conor's Journey

Welcome From the Author

Welcome to The Tales of Conor Archer Website! If you haven’t done it yet, please give your e-mail address below and become a friend of Conor Archer so you never miss any details of what’s happening in his life and in his world.

I really would love to have you be a partner on this adventure for one very practical reason.  You probably think I’m going to say because it will be fun.  Well that’s true, but it’s not the biggest reason.  I want you to stay hooked on this site because it’s going to help you make your own life more enjoyable and meaningful.  Really!  Besides, it will be fun too!

If you like J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis as I do, then you are going to figure out very fast where I’m coming from.  Their stories work because these authors knew how to sub-create.  That means they created the worlds their characters live in based on life as we live it here.  They did that so that we can see our lives in the here and now for what they really are—important, destiny-filled, and oriented toward making this world a better and more beautiful place.  That’s why I write fantasy fiction—to do the exact same thing.

I hope you find my stories exciting and moving.  I had a friend once who said I would be a pretty good storyteller.  “Why?” I asked.  “Because,” he said, “when you tell stories, you gather the people from out of the darkness that is often in this world, and light a campfire of wonder and joy.  And they are the happier for it.”  I hope that’s true.  Give me a chance to prove it to you.